There are many special discounts that are available to seniors. Retirees are offered discounts at most retailers, restaurants, parks, on public transport and at hotels. But you won’t get these discounts unless YOU ASK for them. Simply ask the question, “Do you offer a senior discount?” and see how much you can save.

For each discount you can get in person, there’s also another one that you can only get online. Many seniors were surprised by the savings they could get just by using online discounts. Are you ready? Here’s the best and most comprehensive list for 2019.

1. Consolidate All Your Existing Debt Into One Simple Payment

You are not alone. More seniors are struggling with debt than ever before. Millions of senior citizens are carrying sizeable debts, making it difficult to live on fixed incomes. Reduce your debt by up to 50% and make one low monthly payment. Many seniors have been able to settle with their creditors and save $$$.

2. FIXD – Save Thousands on Car Repairs!

You ever go in for an oil change, and have the mechanic say something like: “Ok, it seems like your Tyrillium Breaker Interrupt is on the fritz – that’ll be $1,000 please.”

Or your check engine light came on, and the mechanic says nine different things are wrong. Would you like to know for sure? Then get yourself a FIXD, and rest easy.

FIXD is a small electronic device that plugs into your car’s OBD port (every car made in 1996 or later has one), and communicates with the smartphone app to tell you exactly what is wrong with your car. Save money on repair bills today!

3. The Natural Way to More Restful Sleep

Yes, it might look a little funny, but MySnoringSolution is a real breakthrough for people who don’t get good sleep (i.e., most of us). You see, snoring is NOT natural. It keeps your sleeping partner awake, and also means you aren’t getting the best sleep you could. This amazing product is a comfortable chinstrap that keeps your soft palate airway clear, allowing for better oxygen flow. For most people, this leads to a deeper, more restful sleep without snoring.

If you snore, or simply feel tired upon waking up, you owe it to yourself to try this amazing product, because a good night’s sleep is priceless. It comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.

4. There’s A Way To Never Pay For Home Repairs Again

You never know what will happen with your home. That’s why it’s important to get a home warranty. Think of it as taking vitamins to prevent future disaster. You won’t feel the benefit right away, but you won’t feel what you are trying to prevent. Plus the peace of mind a home warranty provides is priceless.

A home warranty will not only save you money, but it protects all appliances and other systems put under coverage. This includes refrigerators, AC, dryers, washers, dishwashers, ovens and more. KiwiCompare Home Warranty offers rock solid protection when something inside or outside of your house goes wrong. Once a claim is filed, a local technician is sent to fix it. A home warranty gives protection when the unexpected happens.

Exclusive Offer: Our senior readers are now being offered one month FREE and $100 Off when you sign up. This offer is not available to anyone but our readers. Click here to take advantage.

5. Photostick —Makes Backing Up Photos a Snap!

Is there anyone on your gift list that needs help backing up the pictures on their computer? Think mom, dad, grandma, etc… do yourself (and them) a favor and get them a Photostick this year.

All you do is plug it in to a USB port, click “go”, and Photostick automatically finds and backs up their pictures. That’s it –no “finding the right folder”. No “wrong directory”. No issues. It works on both PC’s and Macs, and it can save up to 60,000 photos.

It’s about as easy as it gets. And trust us, your family and friends will love the fact you got them this the next time a virus kills their computer and they lose everything. You’ll have saved the day by saving their photos. Yay you!!

6. Find Sophisticated 50+ Singles In – Register For Free

This one’s for those of you ladies and gents who’ve lost your life partner or are tired of being alone. The hardest part of finding someone to share your life with is having a safe place for meeting that someone. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. It’s easier now than ever to meet someone online and Kiwi Compare’s new dating site is offering a free trial membership so you can take a peek at who is out there for you.

If you’re over 50 and single, take this as an opportunity to meet like-minded people who are committed to finding someone they truly want to spend their life with. Do this for yourself and for your kids who just want you to be happy.

7. Install A Home Alarm System

Seniors Become Target for Home Invasions, A Leading Security Company Offers A Helping Hand. If you own a home, you can save money simply by protecting it. Did you know that homes without security systems are 2.5 times more likely to be targeted by burglars and intruders? But installing a home alarm system isn’t just to stop burglars and intruders, it can also save you big money year after year. A house alarm will save you money on your homeowners insurance policy.

8. FREE Membership to Senior Discounts Club

Senior Discounts Club membership gives you access to huge discounts, deals, coupons and more.

Join for free now to get the latest deals on healthcare, home appliances, electronics, groceries, restaurant discounts and much more. Unlike AARP, membership to Senior Discounts Club is completely free (no strings attached).

When you sign-up for a free account you will get member-exclusive offers, unlimited access to deals, daily e-mail newsletter sent to your inbox with the latest discounts and deals. You can also personalize your experience and be the first to know about the latest deals from your favorite stores and restaurants.

9. Want To Protect and Grow Your Wealth?

Subscribe to Money Morning’s FREE financial newsletter to learn about investment strategies for all your interests and goals.

Money Morning New Zealand is a brand-new investment resource created exclusively for Kiwis. You’ll gain access to their full roster of analysts and investment experts from around the world. Each researcher is dedicated to offering you urgent and useful ideas that could help you improve your finances.

10. Born Before 1969? Genius Way To Avoid Rising Funeral Expenses

1000s of Kiwis have acted fast to protect their loved ones from hefty bills.

Funeral plans used to be rare a decade ago. However, due to the ballooning costs, thousands of people have rushed in to safeguard themselves against the future rises.

According to independent research, the average cost of a funeral is an enormous $4,271

funeral insurance plan can help protect you from this.

11. Say Goodbye to Unexpected Car Repair Bills with Mechanical Repair Insurance

What do you do about those mechanical problems that always seem to pop up right after your car warranty runs out?

The specialists at Autolife take the worry away from owning a vehicle – we’ll cover you, your loan, and unexpected repair bills.

Here’s what they can guarantee:

  • To help you save thousands on auto repairs (we pay everything for you!)
  • 24-hour roadside assistance (in case anything goes wrong!)
  • 7 day Money-back guarantee (risk free for you!)

12. Senior Facebook Group

Senior discounts are one of the many benefits that come with growing older! Please help us build our Facebook community by joining our Senior Discount Facebook Group and submitting your best senior discount information and advice in the group!

Shopping Discounts

Take full advantage of your senior discount at your local grocery store. Lots of stores offer it – all you need is just to ask!

Keep in mind that discounts and deals may vary and can change without notice.

  • New World – Swap your Fly Buys points for groceries
  • Countdown – Prices that stay low everyday
  • PaknSave – Lowest food prices in NZ
  • Fresh Choice – Come Back Coupon, Fuel Discount Vouchers, Christmas Saving Plan and Sign up and win promotions
  • Four Square – Offer additional services to cater to their local area

13. Medical Alarm For Seniors

No one is ever really ready for a medical alert system. The day you’re ready for it is probably the day you’re on the floor and unable to get up – and then it’s too late. The fact is that a medical alert system is a necessity for anyone living alone who may need help – whether it’s for a fall, illness, stroke, fire, noise outside or any other reason.

MobileHelp life saving alert systems proudly provides subscribers with 100% US-based Emergency Response, Sales, Customer Care and Technical Support. Their medical alert systems have been consistently recognized for setting the industry standard of excellence. As an FDA-registered company, MobileHelp adheres to a quality system that continues to prove how superior service and high-quality equipment work together to save lives and eliminate risks.

14. Trouble Hearing? Get a Free Trial For a New Hearing Aid

The days of premature hearing loss are finally coming to an end.

With recent leaps in technology, hearing aids are becoming more discreet and affordable than ever to people across New Zealand.
According to research 42% of people over 50 and 71% of people over 70 suffer from hearing loss. Many don’t even realise that hearing loss is affecting them.

If you ever struggle to pick out the odd word in a conversation, or sometimes find loud environments difficult, then a hearing aid may be able to help you.
Ground-breaking designs and world-class aftercare mean that there is no need to suffer in silence.

You’ll be thrilled with how much your hearing could improved.

15. Sign the petition to help end poverty in New Zealand!

Did you know that 1 in 100 Kiwis are homeless? No one should have to live like this!

It’s hard to believe that a country as prosperous as New Zealand has so many people living in poverty… to the extent of not even having a roof over their head every night.

We have to help our fellow Kiwis! Click the button below to sign our petition.

16. Need a Heating Expert?

Keep your family warm this winter! Let HRV create a heating solution that’s perfect for your home.

Their heating solutions are tailored specifically to the size, style and needs of your home, ensuring a healthier environment during winter.

You can choose a heat pump from HRV and unlike off-the-shelf products, HRV will install it for you making the process hassle free and easy.

You can spread warmth to other areas of your home with an HRV Heat Transfer System. It takes heat from an existing source (like a fireplace) and pushes it into other rooms, balancing the temperature throughout your home.

There’s a tailored solution for every home that best suits you and your family’s needs!

17. How To Save Hundreds On Energy

Today in New Zealand there are as many as 2 million households overpaying for energy, simply because they’re stuck on plans that are either too expensive or inappropriate for their situation.

Smart Kiwis are using this comparison site Kiwi Compare to maximize their savings on energy bills. Just last month almost 40,000 people chose to help them compare, switch and save. Cheaper bills are only a few clicks away. Why not join them?

And depending on where you live, there could be limited-time incentives involved as well. The only way to find out is to locate the deals available in your area.

18. Don’t Just Renew Your Internet Broadband Contract – You’re Probably Overpaying

Internet broadband bills are one of the biggest costs that a homeowner can face. Getting a fair deal is essential to keeping bills down – but it seems like prices are always on the up. You used to have to spend hours shopping around and bargaining for a fair price.

Amazingly, there is now an easy way to get the very best deal on your home internet broadband contract – and it’s totally free.

For no charge to you, Glimp New Zealand will quote you on a deal that’s guaranteed to be better than your current internet broadband supplier.

What Glimp does, is they compare 11 of the best broadband providers in New Zealand, and watch the markets to secure the best deal for you. And the best part is that they are paid their fees by the broadband companies – so there is zero cost to you!

You can be assured that Glimp will analyze your current internet broadband bills, and find out a deal that’s best suited for your needs (and also ensure that you don’t pay more than you need to!)

19. Fantastic Retirement Villages have Seniors Packing Their Bags

Today’s “retirement villages” offer co-housing for seniors who want to save on living expenses by living with smaller apartment homes and larger shared public spaces, or gradually increasing the level of assisted living help and medical care that is available onsite at the home.

It’s possible to retire and move into a “retirement village” even when you’re completely healthy and active, and then gradually “age in place” and get the care you need at each stage of life for as long as you live.

Retirement villages like Arena Living are trending among seniors in New Zealand and are preferred because they offer a variety of services and many benefits.

20. Need Something Done Around The Home Quickly?

Does your home need some fixing up? Just use Goodnest home professionals service! It’s easy, simple and fast! Just 3 simple steps to get something done around the house!

  1. Book – tell them what you need done
  2. Get Matched – A trusted professional will be in touch within a few hours
  3. Done – Your job is completed and they handle the payment securely